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Bird Feeders & Bird Baths

Elevate your garden oasis with T-Birds Garden's exquisite collection of Bird Feeders and Bird Baths. Our thoughtfully crafted feeders, available in various designs and colors, provide a stylish haven for feathered friends. From the charming T-Birds Nectar Feeder to the elegant Oudtshoorn Deluxe Bird Feeder, each piece is designed to enhance both your garden's aesthetic and the well-being of its avian visitors. Explore our selection and invite the beauty of nature into your outdoor space.

Umbrella Bird Feeder - grey
Umbrella Bird Feeder - grey
Back in stock End September

Bird Food

Elevate your feathered friends' dining experience with our premium selection of bird food. At T-Birds Garden, we offer a variety of nourishing options, from wild bird seed bells to suet balls and specialized nectar mixes. Ensure your garden becomes a haven for vibrant birdlife, providing them with the sustenance they need. Explore our high-quality bird food collection and turn your outdoor space into a welcoming retreat for local avian visitors.

Bird Cages

Discover elegance and functionality in our collection of bird cages at T-Birds Garden. Crafted with care, our cages provide a comfortable haven for your feathered friends. Choose from a variety of styles and sizes, each designed to enhance your garden's charm. Elevate your bird's habitat with T-Birds Garden bird cages – where beauty meets functionality.

Hooks and Brackets

Elevate your garden aesthetics with our exquisite collection of Hooks and Brackets at T-Birds Garden. From classic shepherd's hooks to stylish leaf brackets and charming designs with birds, our range adds a touch of elegance to your outdoor space. Crafted for durability and style, these hooks provide the perfect perch for your bird feeders, creating a picturesque setting for birdwatching. Explore our selection and enhance your garden's allure with our quality Hooks and Brackets.

Fire and Scent

Discover the enchanting world of Fire and Scent at T-Birds Garden. Elevate your outdoor ambiance with our natural fire starters, scented candles, and wax melts. From cozy evenings by the fire to refreshing fragrances wafting through your garden, our collection adds a touch of warmth and aroma to your outdoor haven. Explore our carefully curated selection and let the flicker of flame and delightful scents enhance your garden experience.

Decor and Gifts

Elevate your outdoor spaces with our enchanting Decor and Gifts collection at T-Birds Garden. Discover a curated selection of garden hose holders, hummingbird candle holders, decorative keys, and more. Each piece is crafted to add charm and character to your garden. Explore our unique offerings that make perfect gifts for nature enthusiasts and garden lovers. Embrace the beauty of outdoor living with T-Birds Garden.


Discover the joy of cultivating your outdoor oasis with T-Birds Garden. Our Gardening collection is a curated selection of premium products to elevate your green space. From vibrant slabs of seeds for fresh smoothie greens to specialized planting markers and comprehensive starter kits, we provide the tools for every gardener, whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting. Explore our range to enhance your gardening experience and watch your garden thrive with T-Birds.

Hi there.I love the bird cage and stands that I bought they are fabulous. The service was also great and so quick. Thank you very much. Look forward to seeing more of your range soon.  


Love the items I received and extremely happy with the service I received. Will definitely regularly look on your website for new items.

Pam Bentley

am extremely happy with my Dome bird cage, looks beautiful and the birdies love it too. Thank you for the great service

J.E Steyn

Hi T-Bird's,Thanks for the professional way you handle your business and customer's.Products you sell is great quality and you're delivery is the best I ever experience. 

Owen Almendro

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Theresa McGarry


We're T-Birds Garden, and we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to bring their garden to life. That's why we are dedicated to bringing gardens to life through innovation, unique products and fast delivery.

We also strive to give our customers a personalized buying experience. We started this business with one mission in mind: For the love of gardens, birds and the outdoors. Our goal is to help people like you build beautiful outdoor spaces that are both functional and fun for you, your family, friends and pets!

We know that every garden is different and we want to make sure you get the right products for YOUR garden. That's why we offer a variety of products with personalized buying experience.

Contact me on or 072 974 9815.

We are based in Cape Town.

My name is Theresa McGarry and I look forward to being part of your garden’s journey.

Mission and Vision


Dedicated to bringing gardens to life through innovation, unique products, fast delivery and always striving to give our customers a personalized buying experience.


We strive to have the largest selection of birdfeeders and garden decor under one tree


We are a online shop but do allow customers to collect by appointment from our premises. Please Email or whatsapp to arrange a date and time.


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